CannaSearch Announces How Marijuana Smoking Can Reduce Diabetes Risk

Concord, ON, Oct 21, 2022 – CannaSearch announces how smoking marijuana lowers the diabetes risk in people. They say that regular marijuana use is linked to lower levels of fasting insulin. Smokers were less likely to exhibit insulin resistance. The study showed that high levels of insulin resistance and fasting insulin lead to diabetes.

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The company’s representative from CannaSearch says, “Marijuana or Cannabis sativa from cannabis stores in Oshawa is known to improve mood, relieve pain, and increase appetite in diabetic patients who have been prescribed it medicinally.”

Using THC in its synthetic form has been approved to treat the side effects of nausea, chemotherapy, other diseases, and AIDS-induced anorexia. The study included 4,567 patients and out of them, 579 were known to be current marijuana users who had used it in the last 30 days. Nearly 1,975 patients used marijuana in the past, and 2,103 had never ingested or inhaled marijuana. The patients were allowed to fast for nine hours before their blood samples were collected to determine their glucose and fasting insulin levels. The patients were tested using HOMA-IR to find out their insulin resistance. The pot smokers who consumed more calories than other participants who smoked marijuana showed lower body mass indexes and smaller waistlines. Since large waist circumference was known to be linked with diabetes risk. Those who consumed marijuana from cannabis stores Oshawa in the past month showed higher levels of good HDL Cholesterol and lower levels of fasting insulin. The current marijuana users had 16% less fasting insulin level than patients who never smoked pot and 17% less insulin resistance. The association tends to seem weaker for people who used pot once, but not in the past month.

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