CannaSearch Announces How Smoking Cannabis Proves Effective in Treating Neuropathic Pain

Concord, ON, Oct 14, 2022 – CannaSearch has recently announced how smoking cannabis eases the pain in healthy volunteers.

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They performed a study to compare the placebo-controlled study with a low dose of cannabis that showed no effect, a medium dose administered for moderate pain relief, and a high dose that increased the pain response.

While speaking to a principal investigator, he mentioned that the results exhibited the “therapeutic window” for cannabis analgesia. They used capsaicin in their study, which was an irritant to the skin that mimics the neuropathic pain experienced by diabetic and HIV patients. Healthy volunteers were used in their study, who inhaled the placebo or medical cannabis from cannabis stores Ottawa after the pain was induced.

Those subjects reported they had felt less pain at the medium dose, and they correlated the active ingredient in cannabis, plasma levels of THC, and decreased pain. THC levels in marijuana cigarettes ranged from 0% to 2% to 8%. He further adds that the analgesic effect took almost 45 minutes for the medical cannabis to have an impact on the induced pain.

The results showed a medium dose (4% THC) of cannabis exhibited an effective analgesic. In the random placebo-controlled trial, the patients who smoked the same dose of cannabis showed a 34% reduction in HIV-associated neuropathy pain and twice the rate experienced in patients who received a placebo.

The principal investor said this study proved that cannabis has a therapeutic value at the medium-dose level. He stated that larger studies need to be carried out to measure the efficacy of cannabis and also explore the cannabis stores in Ottawa.

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