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extra mile day

Motivational Expert Finds Insight to Empower Others By Becoming Modern Day Forrest Gump

6-Time Motivational Author Shawn Anderson to Cross 7th Country in Sneakers.

#1 Ranked Motivational Author Shares 3 Tips to Put Blown Resolutions Back on Track

Author of A Better Life, Shawn Anderson Offers Push to Get Rolling Again.

Never Too Late To Create Great Life - Success Expert Reveals Quick Secrets

#1 Ranked Motivational Author Shawn Anderson: “It’s never too late to leave behind a life that is disappointing and start living a life that is in

Success Guru Offers 3 Crucial Tips To Create a Better 2017

#1 Ranked Motivational Author Shawn Anderson: “Want out of the rut? Quit waiting for a miracle to fly you out of Mediocreland.”

The Book, A Better Life, Hits #1 in Motivation and Self-Help on Kindle

Shawn Anderson’s Book Reaches #1 for Third Time in 2016.

#1 Ranked Motivational Book Free on Amazon December 5-9

Shawn Anderson: “If you’re not living the life you want to be living, the book A Better Life can inspire you to get things right.”

Extra Mile Day Message Creates Change in 1,000 Ways

Volunteer Heroes Across U.S. Creating Change and Making America Great.

Extra Mile Day: Reminder That Change Created By Less Talk, More Action

November 1 declaration recognizes volunteers who do more than talk about creating change.

Extra Mile Day Celebrates Awesome Volunteer Heroes Across U.S.

Declaration on November 1 acknowledges volunteers “going the extra mile”.

Why “Going the Extra Mile” Matters

“Extra Mile Day” message has power to impact all areas of life.

Mayors Add Name to “Go the Extra Mile” Campaign – 540 and Counting

Extra Mile Day declared across U.S. recognizing volunteer heroes “going the extra mile”.

Extra Mile Day Shines Light on Extra Mile Heroes Making a Difference

November 1 declaration recognizes volunteers who just don’t talk about change, but they work to create it.

One Man’s Extra Mile Passion Sets “Extra Mile Day” in Motion Across U.S.

Extra Mile Day Founder Shawn Anderson Sets Tone in Leading 550 Cities to "Go the Extra Mile"

470 Mayors Inspired to Join “Go The Extra Mile” Mission

Los Angeles, CA, September 27, 2016 -- In connection with Extra Mile America

#1 Ranked Motivational Author Shares #1 Secret to Staying Motivated

Shawn Anderson: "The key to staying motivated is to never stop working at staying motivated.”

Shawn Anderson: Let Olympians Inspiration Change Your Life

#1 Amazon Ranked Motivational Author Shawn Anderson: “The Olympics have a thousand examples of the sort of awesomeness that can be created if we sta

Free #1 Motivational Ebook, A Better Life: An Inspiring Story About Starting Over, on Kindle July 14-18

Shawn Anderson: “A Better Life is written for those who have been kicked in the teeth a few times by failure and rejection.”

Amazon #1 Motivational Ebook, A Better Life, Free on Kindle July 14-18, 2016

Shawn Anderson: “I’m the guy who inspires people to never stop going the extra mile in truly living a life they love.”

Motivational Author Inspires with More Than Words: Shawn Anderson Finishes 750-Mile Japan Adventure

Anderson Completes Latest “If You Dream It, You Can Live It” Adventure.

53-Year-Old Motivational Author Crosses 4th Country in Tennies

Shawn Anderson has pedaled a bike across the United States twice and hiked across Spain and Portugal.

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