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#1 Ranked Motivational Author Walks Talk Again by Trekking Across United Kingdom

Shawn Anderson to Walk Across Both England and Ireland in Newest Adventure.

53-Year-Old Motivational Author Proves Age 50 is New 30

Shawn Anderson Adds 750 Mile Japan Hike to His Extra Mile Adventures.

Motivational Guru Reveals How He Maintains Motivation

Author Shawn Anderson Shares Five Tips on How He Keeps His Motivational Fire.

Motivational Guru Asks, “Are You Living in a Funk?”

6-Time Motivational Author Shawn Anderson Leads Others to “Escape the Funk”.

Motivational Guru Shawn Anderson Offers 3 Tips to Escape the Funk

Shawn Anderson: “You don’t have to walk through life in a funk!”

Success Guru Shawn Anderson Reveals Keys To Succeed After Letdown

Motivational Author Offers Secrets to Stay On Track With Goals.

7 Secrets To Keep Going When Life Gets Brutal

Motivational author and speaker, Shawn Anderson, has interviewed hundreds of people who have experienced tragedy, failure and disappointment.

Extra Mile Day: Why Going the Extra Mile Will Change Your Life

Why Not Live the Best Version of Your Life?

Shawn Anderson Shares Inspiration Behind Extra Mile Day

550 Mayors to Join “Extra Mile” Movement.

500 Cities to Make Extra Mile Day Declaration

November 1st Promotes Life-Changing Message.

Extra Mile Day Movement Shines Light on 1,000 Volunteer Heroes

575 Cities Go the Extra Mile with November 1 Declaration.

Author Shawn Anderson to Motivate Thousands in Philippines

The Message: Fear, Failure...and Going the Extra Mile

Success or Suckcess? 6 Choices That Decide Your Fate

It’s something people crave. It’s desired in careers, finances, health and relationships.

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