November 1 Extra Mile Day Claps for Hundreds of Inspiring Volunteers and Cities

Over 550 Mayors Expected to Make Declaration

LOS ANGELES, Calif., August 17, 2022 — In association with Extra Mile America, mayors from 550 U.S. cities are expected to embrace the Extra Mile Day movement and acknowledge the difference-making impact of volunteers in their community.

At a time when existing budgets are continuously challenged to meet requests for local services, Extra Mile Day celebrates the individuals and organizations that are unselfishly serving and giving back to their communities. The vision of motivational author Shawn Anderson, Extra Mile Day was created in 2009 with 23 inaugural cities. In 2021, 528 cities made the unique declaration.

“There are a million people doing a million awesome things in our communities that we don’t acknowledge,” Anderson shares. “My intention with creating Extra Mile Day was to not only clap for those special volunteers who are adding value to our communities, but to also remind all of us that positive change is created every time we go the extra mile.”

Anderson continues: “Going the extra mile happens in so many ways. It’s the person who picks up groceries for her neighbor. It’s the superstar employees giving their jobs all they have. It’s the exhausted parents who still find their best energy to help their kid with homework. It’s the kind heart who helps the lost pet find a home.”

Anderson concludes: “I love the ‘go the extra mile’ message. It has the unique power to impact everything about our lives. I’m so grateful there are hundreds of mayors supporting ‘Extra Mile Day’ who believe the same.”

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Shawn Anderson