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Kazema Portable Toilets Named As Finalist in the Gulf Capital SME Awards 2017

Kazema Portable Toilets, one of the leading suppliers of plastic portable toilets, this week excitedly announced they have been named a finalist for t

2 Way Sms Short Codes - United Arab Emirates Etisalat and du Mobile Operators offers 2 way sms short codes to its enterprise clients.

SMSUAEMarketing - Bulk SMS Marketing Service for Large Enterprise to Small Business Owner is one of the top-notch Bulk SMS Marketing service providers in United Arab Emirates directly connected to the UAE local operators

Dutch soccer superstar to host The Maritime Standard Awards

Industry-backed gala awards announces celebrity superstar as master of ceremony

FAAIF Presents Islamic Finance Events Across Europe in August 2015

FAAIF Events produces Islamic finance events in the Netherlands, the UK, and Italy.

FAAIF Participates in World Islamic Funds Conference in Manama, Bahrain

The World Islamic Funds Conference was held in Bahrain on May 18-19, 2015.

FAAIF to Produce Investor Visa Forum in Dubai, UAE

The Investor Visa Forum will take place in Dubai, UAE at the Novotel Hotel Deira City Centre on October 17-18, 2015.

FAAIF and AFRIEF to Produce Africa Islamic Economic and Investment Forum

The AFIIEF Forum to be held in Dubai, UAE on March 14-15, 2016.

FAAIF and Al Huda CIBE to Conduct Joint lslamic Finance Training Event in Milan, Italy

Zubair Mughal, CEO of Al Huda CIBE and Camille Paldi, CEO of FAAIF, plan to conduct a joint Al Huda and FAAIF Islamic finance training event on June 1

The Islamic Finance Industry Must Harmonize Financial Reporting

An Islamic Perspective of Accounting, Finance, Economics and Management (IPAFEM) Conference takes place in Glasgow, Scotland, United Kingdom April 7-9

MIHAS Promotes Malaysia as a Halal Hub

Malaysia’s Global Halal Summit takes place in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia from April 1 – April 4, 2015.

FAAIF Expands Investor Visa Service in Dubai, UAE

Secure your dual citizenship now!

FAAIF Announces Two Summer Islamic Finance Events in Europe for August 2015

FAAIF enters European market with Islamic finance training.

How Islamic Finance can Finance the Halal Industry

There is potential for great correlation between the Islamic finance and the halal industry.

Hawaii may be the First US State to Welcome Islamic Finance

The State of Hawaii may become an American Hub of Islamic finance.

Christians, Jews, and Muslims Should Join Together in an Effort for Holy Book Banking

Interest is banned in the Torah, Bible, and Qu’ran and is prohibited for Muslims, Christians, and Jews, the people of the Holy Book.


Dubai Showcases Global Trillion Dollar Halal Market through Gulfood 2015

The Halal industry is full of business opportunities for Muslim and non-Muslim nations including the United States and other Western countries.

The Dispute Resolution Conundrum of the Islamic Finance Industry

The Second Annual IBFIL conference takes place in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia.

Camille Paldi Makes a Call to Western Executive Women in Struggle Against Violence Against Women

Camille Paldi Takes A Stand Against Violence Against Women.

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