CannaSearch Announces How Cannabis and Breathwork Can Work Together

Concord, ON, 07 Nov, 2022 – CannaSearch has recently announced how mindfulness and marijuana can work together. They say when you’re aware of the breath; you can regulate it to harness the power of mindful breathing. Pairing cannabis with breathwork leads to an in-depth awareness of the body.

The representative from CannaSearch says, “Breathwork can be therapeutic for a few reasons that are why people consume cannabis. Using cannabis from cannabis stores Orangeville can slow people down, help them experience emotional awareness or heightened sensory awareness, and help them stay in the present moment that supports their breathwork.”

He says, “Breathwork practices control or regulates the breath consciously.” Some of the popular breathwork techniques are holotropic breathing, alternate nostril breathing, box breathing, 4-7-8 breathing, Wim Hof method breathing, diaphragmatic breathing, pursed lip breathing, equal breathing, and resonant breathing. Every breathwork practice shares common elements like the pause between breaths, focus on inhales and exhales and suspended breath holds. The focus is on breath retention, which boosts the immune system and enhances cognitive function. Most of the breathwork practices are centred on improving the body’s tolerance to carbon dioxide, which includes reducing the breathing volume, practising breath holding, and lengthening the breath cycle.

As per the document, a handful of studies focus on breathing, which shows diverse aspects of health and wellness. Breathwork lowers depression, anxiety, and PTSD symptoms. Plus, it improves digestion, lung function, and sleep, lowers blood pressure, and reduces tobacco cravings. In some people, the breathwork helps them get high and leads to altered states of consciousness. The immediate effects of breathing are the presence of the body and mind and a sense of calm. Whereas the long-term benefits are apparent with continued practice. Mindful breathing can be fundamental to endocannabinoid balance and nervous system regulation. Cannabis purchased from cannabis stores in Orangeville influences the respiratory system, and breathing can be complex. Delivery methods and usage of cannabinoids like CBD and THC play a crucial role. THC dilates airways and activates the cannabinoid receptors in the lung, which in turn relax the bronchial muscles. This action accounts for weed being used for treating asthma in the 20th century. Current research also mentions that smoking weed temporarily widens the bronchial tubes in asthma patients and healthy individuals.

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