CannaSearch Describes the Best Method for Long-Term Cannabis Storage

Concord, ON, Nov 22, 2022 – CannaSearch recently published a journal document that describes the best way to store cannabis for longevity. CannaSearch is the best-in-class online cannabis directory, helping folks discover legal recreational cannabis stores in Orillia and other cities.

While discussing with this company’s spokesperson, he stated that storing the cured and dried cannabis after a successful harvest is essential. Use an airtight ceramic or clean glass container, such as a mason jar, for storage purposes. It makes them easy to close and open. Store in a dark, cool place that is out of direct sunlight.

Based on the document, proper cannabis storage is crucial as it improves the shelf life of the plant material, enhances the flavour since cannabis cures over time, maintains the integrity of compounds like flavonoids, terpenes, and cannabinoids, and prevents mildew and mould from forming on the bud. Store cannabis in a cool, dry, and dark area out of sunlight to prevent the bud from degrading. Moulds and mildew on cannabis thrive in temperatures like 77 °F and 86 °F. So don’t place cannabis above any heat source or electronic appliances such as microwaves. Store your cannabis flower away from pipes, tapes, and water sources. The ideal humidity for cannabis purchased from cannabis stores in Orillia comes around 55% and 62%, similar to the humidity of the wine cellar—a perfect storage space for cannabis. Avoid low, high, or extreme temperatures when storing cannabis. Flood-proofed basements, low shelves, and cupboards are the best places to keep cannabis.

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CannaSearch is a first-rate online directory service that helps folks locate licensed cannabis stores in Orillia and across Canada. It’s easy to track your items and suppliers using their website. Visit them to find more information about cannabis.


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