CannaSearch Outlines How Can Cannabis Treat Anxiety and Depression

Concord, ON, Oct 27, 2022 – CannaSearch has recently published a document that outlines how cannabis can treat anxiety and depression in patients. They say cannabis has promising effects as an antidepressant. There is no ideal treatment for people suffering from depression or anxiety, but talking therapies can work half the time. But they are not affordable, available, or convenient. Antidepressants also work half the time, but people are put off by their side effects, like loss of appetite and sickness. For these reasons, researchers are on the lookout for other treatment options.

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The representative from CannaSearch says, “The new study included hundreds of participants showing anxiety or depression were taking cannabis for medicinal purposes to relieve their symptoms. The latter was known as the control group. The promising findings were that the participants using cannabis from the start of the study exhibited fewer depression symptoms than others. These cannabis users reported less pain, better sleep, and a better quality of life. Another compelling finding was that the participants who started using cannabis later showed fewer symptoms of diabetes than patients who did not use cannabis.” He said, “These cross-sectional findings showed an antidepressant effect of medicinal cannabis.”

According to the document, the outcome for anxiety was found less striking and was positive. No differences were seen in the baseline anxiety symptoms for participants taking cannabis from the cannabis stores in Owen Sound at the start of the study and those who were not using cannabis.

Participants who used cannabis from the cannabis stores Owen Sound later in this study, reported less anxiety when compared to those who had never used cannabis. Most of the cannabis users reported that they used cannabis of CBD-dominant strain. Although the positive results of this study are real, there is more to explore about the doses and types of cannabis to use for anxiety and depression.

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