Celebrating Volunteerism: Extra Mile Day Footprint Touches 500+ Cities

November 1 Declaration Recognizes Volunteer Heroes Across America

LOS ANGELES, Calif., October 31, 2023 – On November 1, mayors in 500+ cities and towns across America will declare Extra Mile Day. In teaming with Extra Mile America, mayors from Kodiak, Alaska, to Sacramento, California, to Wilmington, Delaware, will acknowledge and celebrate the impact of volunteers and organizations who are “going the extra mile” to create change and fill needs in their community.

Heroes and their contributions are being recognized in all 50 states. In the wake of the Floods of 2023 in Barre City, Vermont, Amanda Gustin organized volunteer efforts to clean up Barre faster than would otherwise be possible. She connected residents and businesses with badly needed resources and put people to work helping neighbors across the city. In Chicopee, Massachusetts, 80-year-old Rosemary Manyak has been volunteering at the Chicopee Council on Aging’s Senior Center meal site every day. She substitutes at the café, assists with packaging meals-to-go, and helps at special evening events.

Started in 2009 with 23 inaugural cities, the Extra Mile America team has been relentless in its push to highlight volunteerism. Cities like Draper, Utah, have been keen on catching the vision and shining a light on their local heroes. If you visit Draper, you may find Mike Snyder picking up trash an hour a day along the streets during his morning walk. And there’s Draper’s Jessica Lowe, who founded a non-profit called “Be a Little Too Kind.” Every Wednesday, she prepares over 100 hot meals, and on Thursday, with the help of family and friends, she delivers them to the homeless in Salt Lake City.

“Across America there are thousands of amazing people and organizations who are ‘going the extra mile’ and making unique contributions that make their communities a special place,” says Extra Mile Day founder Shawn Anderson. “They may not be the people making news and TMZ headlines, but they are the people who are restoring hope, optimism and kindness. They are my heroes.”

Anderson concludes, “Needs in communities don’t just automatically get met; it’s the extra mile volunteers who step forward, take personal responsibility and unselfishly work to fill giant local needs. November 1st and Extra Mile Day is one day a year where an opportunity has been created to clap for special people who walk through life with extra big hearts.”

Shawn Anderson