eir Reveals the Secret Habits of Irish Internet Users

Ireland, December 04, 2016 — Ireland’s fastest, most popular and most widely used broadband service, eir has recently published an infographic – titled ‘The weird and wonderful world of Irish mobile & internet users’, which reveals the secret habits of the Irish mobile and internet users.

The best thing is that the eir team has properly conducted a survey, so this infographic is purely primary research based, and all the information that is included in this study is completely authentic and reliable. eir’s infographic is not only highly informative, but it Is also fun to read; and on the other hand, it provides research-based information that is very useful for marketers.

The infographic mainly shares research-based information regarding Mobile Habits – which includes facts and figures regarding the number of selfie attempts to a perfect selfie and how they vary according to age, and text message sending patterns; facts and figures regarding Online Behaviors related to deleting online history are also discussed is this infographic; apart from Mobile Habits and Online Behaviors, facts and figures regarding Second Screening are also discussed.

“Our ‘weird and wonderful world of Irish mobile & internet users’ piece will surely capture your attention and you will definitely be interested in reading the entire infographic, because our creatives have not only successfully made this infographic info-packed, but have also successfully made it entertaining and fun”, stated Keelan Byrne, eir spokesperson, while talking about their recently published infographic.

Marketers can use the information available in this infographic to make their products successful, because after understanding the Secret Habits of the Irish people, they would be able to easily formulate successful strategies.

The highly-experienced team of marketers at eir is currently planning to publish more infographics, so eir’s followers can expect some more amazing work in the near future.

For reading the infographic, please go to https://blog.eir.ie/the-secret-habits-irish-mobile-tv-and-broadband-user… and for further information regarding eir’s infographic, please go to https://d1b6tx2agdphz5.cloudfront.net/eircom-ie/attachment/da1d916c-5b13…

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