EU-Good Manufacturing Practices Grabbing Attention in Medical Cannabis Sector

TORONTO, June 14, 2022 — EU-GMP training for cannabis production has been grabbing attention from Medical Cannabis producers across North America. GMP certification ensures that cannabis products are safe, giving businesses a competitive advantage and allows companies to expand to international markets.

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“Good Manufacturing Practices (GMP) constitute a set of standards that are used throughout a number of industries such as food and beverages, cosmetics, pharmaceutical products, dietary supplements, etc., to ensure the manufacturing of high-quality, safe and effective products.” said Kunal S, cannabis diploma professor at NACPT Pharma College. “And the cannabis industry has now started to steadily implement GMP in their production as well.”

The minimum level that a medicine producer must fulfill in their manufacturing procedures are defined in Good Manufacturing Practice (GMP) and the European Medicines Agency (EMA) organizes inspections to ensure that these standards are followed which is a significant player in harmonizing GMP activities across the European Union (EU). Extending these regulations to the cannabis industry has been a necessity in the market and the EU-GMP certification has unified and standardized such regulatory requirements for the cannabis manufacturers.

“GMP certified businesses help to align international market participants to a well-known and accepted standard.” said Rathi Param, Dean of NACPT Pharma College. “GMP manufacturing also ensures that the production and products comply with the highest quality standards which goes a long way in securing loyal customers in the market.”

At NACPT Pharma College, the EU-Good Manufacturing Practice (GMP) for Cannabis Production is a health Canada approved program in cannabis quality assurance certification and it mainly focuses on the five most important elements of GMP – safety, integrity, strength, purity, and quality. The program provides industry recognized Good Manufacturing Practices certificate and qualifies you to find a cannabis GMP career across North America.

A one year diploma in cannabis production or cannabis QA QC or the 4-day program in cannabis quality assurance course online offered by NACPT Pharma college will also offer the full spectrum of learning including the EU-GMP for cannabis production.

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