Extra Mile Day Movement Grows: 500 Cities Celebrate Power of Volunteerism

Shawn Anderson: “How are you ‘going the extra mile’ to make a difference?”

LOS ANGELES, Calif., October 11, 2023 – On November 1, over 500 cities across America will declare Extra Mile Day and celebrate the impact of volunteerism in their local communities. This year, mayors from all 50 states have come together with one joint declaration: volunteers make a difference.

In association with Extra Mile America, Extra Mile Day is a movement dedicated to highlighting the power of volunteerism in connection with the “go the extra mile” message. The day’s popularity continues to take root in cities across the United States. Created in 2009 with 23 inaugural cities, over 500 mayors are expected to make the 2023 declaration.

According to Shawn Anderson, the motivational author and visionary behind the day’s declaration, “Volunteerism matters. It’s the time that parents freely give to their local PTA to assure a successful fundraiser. It’s that one hour volunteered each week to help a local animal shelter get pets adopted. It’s the selflessness of delivering food to a person no longer able to go shopping. Having volunteers who ‘go the extra mile’ is often what allows many community-driven organizations to succeed in their mission,”

Mayor Jan Kulmann continues to make the November 1 “Extra Mile Day” declaration matter in Thornton, Colorado. Mayor Kulmann shares, “Having the groups and people in our communities who not only have the values but also the vision for what ‘going the extra mile’ entails, are vital to move our cities in a positive direction. I applaud those Extra Mile Heroes who embody these values and put them into action every day.”

For the fifth year, Florence, Alabama, is recognizing the “Extra Mile Day” message. According to Florence Mayor Andrew Betterton, “In order for us to see real change in our homes, in our communities, and in our nation, it starts inside each of us. The little choices we make daily to ‘go the extra mile’ turn into big decisions for our future.”

Anderson makes it clear, however, that the “going the extra mile” message and its importance extends far past November 1. “I love the chance to celebrate amazing volunteers, yet ‘Extra Mile Day’ is more than one day during the year to recognize the impact of volunteerism. It’s also a reminder that every day is a chance for each of us to do more, give more and add more value to create the positive changes we seek. It’s about looking in the mirror and asking, ‘How are you going the extra mile to make a difference?’”

For information about Extra Mile Day, visit ExtraMileAmerica.org.

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