Infographic Reveals The 10 Most Common Car Warning Lights Now

Los Alamitos, CA, 23 August 2019 — Due to the increasing demand of information regarding the meaning of car warning lights, Curate View published a great infographic presenting in details the 10 most common car warning lights these days. For sure you have been in the same situation, hesitating about a warning light in your car. Thanks to this infographic the most popular warning lights will be no secret for you. Read and get to know what to do next time you see one of these lights activated in your car dashboard.

Checking the infographic you will read about the steering wheel lock light, emissions control and adaptive headlight system. As you should have notices, some of the lights are red and others are yellow. The reason behind this colour difference is based on the degree of importance of the notification for the driver. For example, such crucial red warning lights are the battery light and seat belt system light. It might be a surprise to you but it seems that many drivers are not aware of the right meaning of this warning signs on their dashboard.

This infographic also spotlights warning lights regarding windshield washer fluid, electronic stability, anti-lock brake system, engine oil level and tire pressure monitoring. All these warning signs indicate about the status of your vehicle so do not underestimate their meaning and importance. Take care of your car and stay safe on the road.

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