S&B Pallets Announces How Canada Practices Eco-Friendliness by Recycling Their Wooden Pallets

Scarborough, ON, Oct 13, 2022 – S&B Pallets Ltd. recently released a document on how Canada’s wood pallet industry practices eco-friendliness by recycling its wooden pallets.

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The spokesperson from S&B Pallets Ltd. stated that 95% of wooden pallets get recycled or reused in Canada. Almost 30% get broken when the wood pallet enters the recycling chain. Some wooden pallets that can’t be reused or fixed can be made into wood chips and applied to paper, particle boards, or livestock bedding.

According to the company’s document, every warehouse or industrial business faces issues related to wooden pallets. Either they want to move the product or they want to stack it up quickly. Earlier, these wooden pallets piled up across garbage bins and back rooms or took up space in the storage area. Now the recycling of wood pallets seems to be thriving. Small businesses recycle the wood pallets daily through up cycling. Canadian artists buy new wood pallets to create art forms, and there are commercial pallet recycling categories for industries and businesses that’re willing to sort, recover, re-sell, or repair pallets as a single piece or grind them into recovered material. Based on the 2011 estimates in Canada, each year there have been 47.4 million pallets recovered. Of those, 32.6 million were able to return to service as pallets. The remaining 14.8 million pallets get recycled into some other products.

The document outlines how wood can be used as an eco-friendly material in Canada. The wood pallets sometimes end up going to landfills. In the year of 1998, it was estimated that 17.9 million pallets every year ended up in Canadian landfills. Nowadays, it has been reduced to 2.5 million and continues to lessen with every passing year.

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S&B Pallets Ltd. is one of the reputable manufacturers of new wood pallets and recycles their old wooden pallets as well. They have been supplying their customers with top-notch pallets in and around Toronto for over a decade.


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