S&B Pallets Ltd Offers guidelines about food safety while using wood pallets

Scarborough, ON, July 26, 2022 – S&B Pallets offers guidelines about things to look for when using wood pallets to carry food products. S&B Pallets Ltd. is one of the biggest producers of soft and hardwood pallets in the Greater Toronto Area. For more than two decades, this firm has been committed to giving its customers the highest quality pallets.

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While speaking with the spokesperson of this company, transporting food products necessitates adherence to a number of laws and standards. For the sake of your consumers, employees, and brand reputation, it’s critical that you abide by them. Obey any applicable rules regarding the storage of standard or custom wood pallets and follow those laws. A dry, clean, hardwood pallet is always your best bet whether you’re transporting them to a facility or storing food on them.

According to the company’s document, make sure you get kiln-dried wooden pallets when it comes to food safety; this is the only method to completely dry the wood and prevent mold. The code HT will be present on wooden pallets to indicate that they have undergone heat treatment, which is a simple way to clean wood. Pests, organisms, germs, and bacteria are eliminated during heat treatment. It’s quite unlikely that clean, dry wood harbors pathogens and is not a haven for bacterial growth. If you purchase old, be careful to select high-quality pallets that comply with those rules and look up any codes to prevent improper food storage.

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S&B Pallets Ltd. is a business committed to offering consumers soft and hardwood standard and custom pallets with repair and reconditioning services. By offering the highest-quality pallets at the best price and timing, they will serve their clients with excellence, leadership, and partnership.


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