S&B Pallets offers guidelines for the prevention of Damage to Wood Pallets

Scarborough, ON, June 18, 2022 — S&B Pallet has recently produced a document outlining preventative measures for wooden pallets from damage and allowing them to stay in your business for longer. S&B Pallet is a well-known brand in the pallet and wooden goods business from Toronto. While talking to the spokesperson of this famous pallet company where they showcase top quality pallets for sale, he said repeated impact and force on a pallet may eventually cause damage that necessitates replacement or repair. Although it is occasionally inevitable, there are several options for extending the life of your pallets and avoiding premature failure.

According to the document, pallets are meant to be picked up and transported rather than dragged and shoved across the floor. Bottom leaderboards can be damaged by dragging and pulling on them. It’s also worth mentioning that, after the front leaderboards, the bottom leaderboards normally take the brunt of the tar and feather. A forklift’s forks frequently make a misplaced insertion into a pallet, causing wear or puncture to the front leaderboards. You can imagine how much damage the front leaderboards sustain if this is done regularly, requiring repair or replacement.

Although pallet jacks are supposed to be fully put into the pallets, this isn’t always the case, which means the jacks’ wheels collide with the pallet’s bottom inner boards, inflicting damage. Preventing this from happening is as easy as double-checking that the pallet jacks are fully inserted and in the correct position before lifting.

About the company
S&B Pallet is a Toronto-based supplier of soft and hardwood pallets. It is one of the major makers of wooden pallets for sale purposes in the GTA region, providing high-quality products that are precisely manufactured to meet the needs of consumers.

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