Shawn Anderson Has Walked Across 9 Countries: “Why Get My Walk On?”

“I May Be Growing Old, But I Don’t Have To Live Old.”

LOS ANGELES, Calif., October 28, 2023 – Motivational speaker and author Shawn Anderson doesn’t just motivate with words written in blogs and books and spoken from stages; he inspires people with his footsteps. The 7-time author has succeeded in walking across nine countries since 2014.

Starting in 2014, Anderson walked 520 miles across Spain in 27 days. He followed that up by walking across Portugal, England, Ireland, France, Italy and Scotland. He walked across Spain a second time through the difficult northern mountains, and he has walked the extra challenging 750-mile Shikoku Japan Pilgrimage route.

“There are things my soul craves,” Anderson, age 60, shares. “Travel. Walking. And adventure. What better way to do all three than to live all three at once?” But Anderson shares an important fourth reason for doing these treks. “I use these physical adventures as ax sharpening tools.”

Anderson continues: “Life has a way of dulling us, but when I finish a long spirit-pushing trek, I return home bigger in vision and stronger in passion. By walking hundreds of unfamiliar miles and unknown steps with only a backpack, I walk outside my comfort zone every hour. In doing so, I strengthen my courage, confidence, and ‘I can do it!’ muscles.”

Anderson, the Founder of Extra Mile Day, a day recognizing volunteerism and declared by over 500 cities on November 1 each year, concludes: “Hey…I’m 60…and still dreaming of planning my next great hike and book. Just because we grow old doesn’t mean we have to live old. Age doesn’t have to stop us from dreaming big. We can choose ‘growing old” as an excuse, or we can choose to keep getting our walk on.”

Shawn Anderson