Should You Hire or DIY a Basement Leak?

Nov 15, 2021, Toronto, ON — In asking, ‘Should I do my basement leak repair myself?’ consider what you get when hiring a professional. Then, when you realize what you get in hiring a pro at the task at hand, you realize why there are more reasons to avoid DIY basement leak repairs. We will break down those reasons and compare them to what happens when you go the DIY route.

Reasons to Hire a Pro
Here are five reasons why you should definitely hire a pro to help with your basement leak repair.

Let’s be honest, you likely don’t have any formal training or experience when it comes to waterproofing or fixing a leak. While a DIY job isn’t impossible, it’s not easy. Moreover, it’s a project that will demand a lot of you and your family.

Someone who is experienced knows what to look for, understands the tricks of the trade, and can do a long-lasting repair or waterproofing job. Again, no offense to you and your abilities, but they are likely better at doing the job right.

It’s easy to hire someone to fix a problem that occurred naturally, but when they’re hired to fix your mistakes, well, then you’re going to be in for a lot more time, money, and trouble.

Less Risky
Researching the process of fixing a basement leak will set you back a few days. In that time, you’re allowing the leak to continue causing damage to your basement. Let’s assume you decide to go in with the best knowledge you have and learn on the job. Well, now you’re putting your basement at further risk.

DIY means anything you do, is your success or your failure to own. So when things go wrong, you can’t claim it was someone you hired fault because you decided to do it yourself.

Basement waterproofing Toronto companies are trained, licensed, and know how to get permits faster and properly. In addition, they know how to avoid fatal mistakes, and they usually have insurance to ensure that they can cover the damages inflicted on your home in the event of an error.

Overall, it’s less risky to have someone professionally trained to fix your basement leak.

Waterproofing your home before a leak occurs is probably the most efficient way to avoid leaks and costly damage. This is a DIY project we highly recommend you avoid. It can be difficult and expensive to pull off, and a mistake can cost hundreds, if not thousands, of dollars.

Trustworthy Company
Do you know what a company has that your DIY skill doesn’t? They have reviews and recommendations. There are so many ways to vet a company before hiring them to do the work of fixing a leak or waterproofing your home. Don’t waste time researching how to do it yourself when you can get the problem done by reliable contractors who will be cheaper in the long run.

Job Done Quicker, and Better
Lastly, we’ll end off by saying what we’ve said already. A company can do the job faster, safer, and better than you can, no question. But, unless you’ve got some experience in the field, then you’re playing with the fate of your basement structure, and getting something wrong isn’t a risk you should be willing to take.

If you’re looking for one of those professionals we’ve been speaking about, contact us about your basement leak or waterproofing needs. DryShield will provide excellent service at great rates, and you can sleep easy knowing the job was done right the first time.

Nathan Thava
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